Colors of the Cambridge Colleges

Christ's College scarf   Christ's College 

Churchill College scarf   Churchill College 

Clare College scarf   Clare College 

Clare Hall scarf   Clare Hall 

Corpus Christi College scarf   Corpus Christi College 

Darwin College scarf   Darwin College 

Downing College scarf   Downing College 

Emmanuel College scarf   Emmanuel College 

Fitzwilliam College scarf   Fitzwilliam College 

Girton College scarf   Girton College 

Gonville & Caius College scarf   Gonville & Caius College 

Homerton College scarf   Homerton College 

Hughes Hall scarf   Hughes Hall 

Jesus College scarf   Jesus College 

King's College scarf   King's College 

Lucy Cavendish College scarf   Lucy Cavendish College 

Magdalene College scarf   Magdalene College 

New Hall scarf   New Hall 

Newnham College scarf   Newnham College 

Pembroke College scarf   Pembroke College 

Peterhouse scarf   Peterhouse 

Queens' College scarf   Queens' College 

Robinson College scarf   Robinson College 

St Catharine's College scarf   St Catharine's College 

St Catharine's College clubs scarf   St Catharine's College (clubs) 

St Edmund's College scarf   St Edmund's College 

St John's College scarf   St John's College 

Selwyn College scarf   Selwyn College 

Sidney Sussex College scarf   Sidney Sussex College 

Trinity College scarf   Trinity College 

Trinity Hall scarf   Trinity Hall 

Wolfson College scarf   Wolfson College (new) 

Wolfson College old scarf   Wolfson College (old) 

In most cases, the above scarves do not belong to the College itself, but to the Amalgamated Clubs or United Clubs of the student body (exact details vary from college to college). The system of Amalgamated Clubs arose in the late 19th century or early 20th century - it permitted a student to pay a single subscription and thereby become a member of every sports club in the college. Previously, each club had required a separate subscription. At each college, some sports clubs have retained their own individual colours on scarves and ties - in most cases students are entitled to wear these only if they have been awarded colours for representing the college at that sport. It is not necessary to have been awarded colours to be able to wear the scarf or tie of the Amalgamated or United Clubs shown above - payment of the subscription is sufficient.

Historically, there has been no scarf for the University of Cambridge itself. But in the late 1990s, the University approved and licensed the production of a university scarf:

University of Cambridge scarf   University of Cambridge

There are also scarves for various university sports clubs, and "blues" and "half-blues" scarves, awarded for representing the University against the University of Oxford in certain sports.

Colleges of the Cambridge Theological Federation

Ridley Hall scarf   Ridley Hall

Wesley House scarf   Wesley House

Westcott House scarf   Westcott House

Westminster College scarf   Westminster College
   (United Reformed) 

With acknowledgements to the archives of Ryder & Amies and Queens College, Cambridge.